My name is Mark Harris. I’m a lifelong Catholic, a husband, and a father. That’s all you really need to know, but I can fill in some of the details anyway.

I have a philosophy degree, and a sports obsession, and I sing—a lot. I live along the central Gulf Coast with my wife and our two little girls. By trade, I’m an attorney. I defend a bunch of corporations, and the occasional individual, in real-life courtrooms. Even when I left law school, this was not a job I expected to have.

I went to Catholic high school, but don’t have any formal theology education beyond that. My formal training is in philosophy, business, and law. But I read a lot, so maybe that’s something.

You might be wondering why I want to blog. I have a lot of opinions, I guess? Blogging sometimes strikes me as similar to screaming into a pillow—I don’t expect a lot of people to hear me. But some things in our world so utterly bewilder me that I’d like to see if anybody else is bewildered too. It couldn’t possibly be just me.

Pax Christi,